2012 Bremerton Summer Brewfest

Warm sunny day. Good friends. Just blocks off the harbor in downtown Bremerton. Delicious beers crafted by some of the more innovative breweries in Washington state. Hard to find better conditions for a fabulous beer festival.

The festival attracted a large crown of sun worshipping beer lovers.

Twenty-six breweries brought more than 60 beers for the 2nd Annual Bremerton Summer Brewfest. From green tea beers to stouts with peppercorns and hazelnuts set the range of palate preferences. For the Hopheads, the Whoop Pass and Hopdiggity double IPAs (100+ IBUs) were there are well.

The Ziggy Zoggy girls helped promote the new Silver City taproom in Bremerton.

 Bainbridge Island Brewing – the newest brewery at the festival – opened on 6/26.

 Pacific Avenue and its local artwork provide a great environment for festival goers.


There were so many great beers it is pretty hard to have one favorite – but then I don’t have to have just one, so here are some I really liked:

  • Point White Wit from Bainbridge Island Brewing
  • Quilter’s Irish Death from Iron Horse Brewery
  • Dark Star Oatmeal Stout w/Oak, Hazelnut & Smoked Black Pepper from Fremont Brewery
  • Dragonstooth Stout from Elysian Brewery
  • Dandy from Slippery Pig Brewery
  • Tart Wit from Hales Ales
  • Raspberry Wheat from Schooner EXACT
  • Dubbel Entendre from Sound Brewing
  • Big Beef Oatmeal Stout from Hood Canal Brewing
  • Poulsbo Abbey Wit from Valhöll Brewing

Everyone has their own favorites, though. Pretty much everyone I talked to had a different favorite. There was no People’s Choice voting (at least none that I saw) which means there is indeed a beer for every taste out there.

She just wanted to let everyone know that Chick Love Dicks – especially the Danger Ale

And of course here is the full size festival collage. Click Like if you recognize anyone. Heck, click Like anyway, just for fun.


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