Foggy Noggin Releases Wasky

Foggy Noggin Brewing unveiled a second sneak peak of a historical beer – Wasky (Burton Ale). A single keg was tapped this past Saturday in the tasting room.

The plan is to bottle this beer in the near future in 22 ounce bottles, and encourage people to store them for a year before consuming them. We also had samples of the normal powerhouse staples; Christmas Duck Porter, Bit O Beaver, Kastrated Dawg, some XX Duck, and Smoked PowderKeg.. Jim is doing a fantastic job from his small brewery. See link here.

Wasky– Burton Ale 
When you think of the most historical brewing traditional region, Burton on Trent will always rank in the top. In the 1700’s Burton Ale was a very popular English beer style.  This almost extinct style deserves to be revisited.  This beer’s rich, sweet malty beginning transforms to a wonderfully warming bitter dryness that lingers long in the palate.  In honor of Wasky’s service in 1946 – on the shores of Lake Washington, Foggy Noggin Brewing shares his name with this wonderful brew.  Traditionally, this beer is aged for a year before served. Good to drink now and sure to age well over time.

OG: 1.075
IBU: 79
SRM: 13
ABV: 6.0
Malts: Maris Otter, Crystal 45, Brown Sugar, Black Strap Molasses
Hops: Target, Nothern Brewer, Fuggle, Goldings

Bob Shoemaker

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