Gov. John Hickenlooper at GABF

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper addressed a gathering of brewers and media awaiting word on the winners of the 84 categories of beer judged this past week.

He noted the growth of the craft beer industry over the past few yeas and its impact on job growth and ecomnomic recovery in many areas of the country, especially in the state of Colorado.

“Craft brewers may only make up five percent of the beer consumed, but in Colorado, it comprises 64% of the jobs in the beer industry.”

Hickenlooper previously served as Denver’s mayor; noted for leading a rebuilding effort in the depressed LoDo district by attracting re-development, which included Coors Field, several breweries (including Wynkoop Brewing, which he co-founded) and upscale restaurants.


You can find all the winners at the GABF site. Just enter the year, medal, state or other search criteria, It is very cool.

Big Winnner

The big winner of the day was Devil’s Backbone Brewing Company of Roseland, VA, with eight medals and Best Small Brewpub and Best Small Brewpub Brewer awards.

credit: Skye Marthaler,

DB (Base Camp and Outpost) took awards for the following beers:

– Berliner Metro Weiss – Gold

– Vienna Lager – Gold

– Danzig – Silver

– Old Virginia Dark  -Silver

– Gold Leaf Lager – Bronze

– Ramsey’s Draft Stout – Bronze

– Ramsey’s Export Stout – Bronze

– Turbo Cougar – Bronze

Great job Devil’s Backbone.


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