What’s Coming Up – and What’s NOT

Tnofesthe First New Year’s Beer Festival held last year in Bremerton appears to be the Last New Year’s Beer Festival. It is not being held this year. Anybody got the goods on why this festival was “one and done”?

The Cask Beer Festival has moved off the Washington Beer Commission (aka WABL) website and is now a fundraiser for the Washington Brewers Guild. It will still be held at the Seattle Center, but will move from the Fischer Plaza Pavillion to the Exhibition Hall this year. Save the date. March 30. This is a good one!

There are two beer festivals in February; the BIG BEER festival on the waterfront in Tacoma (outdoors in Winter? – brilliant) and the Belgianfest (saisons, wits, dubels and tripples – yeasty marvels of Bavaria) down on the Seattle waterfront. All the more reason to get excited about Strange Brewfest in Port Townsend Jan 25-27.

strange brewfest


Bob Shoemaker

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