Blogging at Puyallup River Alehouse

1ed4ff99-754b-418a-8996-a2e18ce2e151Here I am at the Puyallup River Alehouse (Pew-AL-Up) in Puyallup , WA, drinking a pint of the newly released Jack O’Lahar Pumpkin Ale. The 2013 Jack is every bit as good as the 2012, which won the 2012 HTBN Punk-off. But their Gourdy Wow!, a pumpkin saison,  is still in the fermenter.

Since the drive to PRA is an hour and fifteen minutes in horrible traffic at 2:00 in the afternoon, ya might as well see what else they have on tap.

Today, the beers calling to me were the PRB cucumber-lemon saison. Owner Eric Akeson has been on a mission to convert the world to farmhouse ales and he makes a very good case for them. Most saisons I’ve had before tasted like old dishrags soaked in bleach – not that I actually sucked on those – but smelled like it anyways. Cucumber -lemon beer? Damn. It was good.

Also in the taster tray was his Apricot saison. Also very good. And then two beers from 10 Barrel Brewing in Bend,  Oregon; S1nist0r Black (Schwartzbier) and  Swill, (Grapefruit Berliner Weiss).  Last beer in the taster was Triplehorn’s Blueberry Wheat (missing much of any blueberry flavor).

I was going to finish off the session with another hit of the Jack, but opted instead for the Left Hand Milk Stout on Nitro. How the hell can you pass up a chance for THAT???

If you are anywhere near the South Sound on a visit to the Seattle/Tacoma area, be sure to stop by the Puyallup River Alehouse.

Bob Shoemaker

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