Elysian’s GPBF 2013 is a Winner!

The Elysian Great Pumpkin Beer Festival ends Sunday. This one-of-a-kind festival showcases the versatility of pumpkin in craft beer brewing. Stouts, sours, lambics, ciders, hefes, porters all get a dash of pumpkin added (sometimes more than a dash).

The event sold out on Friday and Saturday, but at last check the Sunday session had not reached capacity yet. Check out the Elysian site for more information. This festival showcased the old vets from Brooklyn Brewery in New York, Howe Sound from British Columbia, Dogfish Head from Delaware, and the newest newbie, Populuxe from Ballard (ya sure, ya betcha).

There were pumpkin beers with nettles, ginger, and many other ingredients you just do not expect in a pumpkin beer. There were several traditionally spiced beers (clove, nutmeg, allspice). The ABV ranged from session beers at 4% to one-sip-and-yer-done wonders at 11 and 12%. Some were aged in whiskey barrels, and some inside of giant pumpkins.

Bob Shoemaker

Grew up in Renton, WA. Writer. Photographer. Homebrewer. Woodworker. Beer lover. UW grad. - 14 years in Marketing and Advertising communications - 16 years in technical product support, quality, loyalty, support analyst - 12 years as communications business owner