Speakeasy Three-taps PR Alehouse

Screenshot_2013-11-20-20-39-22-1“With a love for the sinister and the underground, Speakeasy operates out of a corner of this city once known as Butchertown.” That would be a portion of San Francisco known today as Bayview. In 1868 a group of butchers purchased 81 acres of submerged and waterlogged tidelands from the State of California to establish a “Butcher’s Reservation” to slaughter animals. After year of development it is now home for a great SF brewery = Speakeasy.

On tap at the Puyallup River Alehouse tonight is:

  • Speakeasy Payback Porter
  • Speakeasy Betrayal Imperial Red
  • Speakeasy Big Daddy IPA

I sampled all three and they are very good beers, true to their respective styles. None over the top. All very drinkable. If you are in the Bay Area, or visiting there, stop in at the Speakeasy (Tuesday thru Saturday) taproom or at one of the other locations where they have taps in Washington, Oregon and California.

Also on tap are 12 – yes – twelve – count ’em beers produced by Puyallup River Brewing. Now THAT is awesome!.

Bob Shoemaker

Grew up in Renton, WA. Writer. Photographer. Homebrewer. Woodworker. Beer lover. UW grad. - 14 years in Marketing and Advertising communications - 16 years in technical product support, quality, loyalty, support analyst - 12 years as communications business owner