Turkey Day – What Brews to Choose

turkey-with-a-beer-cartoonBeer and food pairings are all the rage now. With Thanksgiving coming up, my beer fan readers may be looking for tips on what to serve with their Turkey Day spread.

I heartily recommend reading this post by TODAY contributor Jim Galligan.

As for my personal preferences – it just depends on what you serve and how you prepare it. If you like it spicy, look for a good IPA in the 70-80 IBU range. Winter warmers come in a variety of styles and include some spices that may complement not only the bird, but the cranberry, stuffing and potato. If you can still find some pumpkin ales at your local bottle shop, they also complement this type of holiday meal very well.

Bryce Eddings also has some great advice if you are think more about serving a wine – don’t.

Bob Shoemaker

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