U.S. Open Beer Championships

U.S. Open Beer Championship Announces Medal Winners
USOpenAtlanta, GA (July, 2014)
– Breweries from Australia to Iceland sent in more than 3,000 beers and ciders representing 81 different categories for the 2014 U.S. Open Beer Championship, the only brewery competition to include professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers. Today, judges from England, Canada, Finland and the U.S. announced the winners.

Wormtown Brewing in Worcester, MA was named Grand National Champion, winning three gold medals and one silver medal. Wormtown uses Massachusetts-grown ingredients in every beer it brews.

Reuben’s Brews and Deschutes Brewery each took home four medals to place in the Top 10 Breweries in the competition.

Top 10 Breweries 2014

The top 10 breweries based on the number of beers placing first (3 points), second (2 points) or third (1 points) are:

1. Wormtown Brewing – Massachusetts
2. Stone Brewing – California
2. Deschutes Brewery – Oregon 
4. Blue Point Brewing – New York
4. Sprecher Brewing – Wisconsin
4. Black Tooth Brewing – Wyoming
4. Rahr & Sons Brewing – Texas
4. Reuben’s Brews – Washington 
4. Boston Beer Company – Massachusetts
9. Green Bench Brewing – Florida
9. Peticolas Brewing – Texas
9. Big Island Brewhaus – Hawaii
9. Lakewood Brewing
 – Texas 

For more information about the competition, follow this link.

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