Crooks Nab 10 Truckloads of Beer

Ten Truckloads of Beer Nabbed as Germans Celebrate World Cup

prositAs Germany reveled in World Cup fever, a crew of cunning thieves celebrated their own conquest: Stealing 10 truckloads of beer worth an estimated $3 million, police said. The burglars made off with approximately 300,000 liters of brew between Thursday evening and Monday afternoon after breaking into a storage facility in the Rhineland. “Has anyone noticed a large amount of beer?” police in the western city of Krefeld said in a statement. “Who can give any hints to a possible storage area?”

The crooks first tried to enter via garden door leading to the back of the building but ultimately broke through a main entrance which led them through office space into the unguarded warehouse. They loaded several pallets of beer onto flatbed trucks and returned several times within short intervals to take as large a stash as possible. The missing beer was not discovered until Monday afternoon, police said. Vehicles believed to be loaded with the booze were last seen driving down the freeway towards Duisburg.

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