Hello Portland! HTBN Goes to the Craft Brewers Conference

HTBN logoHoppy Trails Beer News owner, internationally known writer/photographer, webmaster,  self-proclaimed craft brewing expert and homebrewer – Bob Shoemaker – will be live-blogging from the Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conference in Portland, OR, next week (April 14-17).

CBC logoThe Craft Brewers Conference is a gathering of professional brewers and brewery owners from all parts of the country and many foreign nations to trade ideas an update their knowledge about their rapidly expanding industry. They will experience trade-show displays and speakers on everything from innovations in hop varieties to marketing beers internationally.  I am hopeful that copious amounts of wonderful craft beer will also be consumed.

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Tuesday, April 14

Today at the CBC was basically a day for people to come pick up their registration packets and for exhibitors to get set up for tomorrow. There was a “welcome fete” for first-timers and a “meet-and-greet” for everybody this evening.


Hoppy Trails Beer News caught up on the Portland small brewers scene with visits to Hair of the Dog,  Breakside and Ecliptic.

breakside ecliptic hairofthedog

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