Fae Wiedenhoeft – McMenamins – Urban Family

I went to Folklife on Saturday (May 23) and did the usual hiking through the crowds in search of joyful music before expanding my Seattle brewery knowledge. I found it in a Celtic group called Syren, a sister duet led by Fae Wiedenhoeft.


I bought the CD (of course) and was fortunate to grab a quick conversation with her after the gig. I learned that she had other music available online through bandcamp.com and CD baby. I also found a few YouTube posts. She also plays with a group called SeaStar and teaches voice and a variety of Celtic instruments.

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2015-05-23 20.54.09After her show I had a few hours before my next Folklife event – a didgeridoo playing workshop. So I headed off to McMenamin’s on Roy St. I learned a few great things there, too, like the Cream Ale, Dunkelwiesen and Porter were made right on the premises by Brian Lawrence. And all this time I thought they shipped the beers up from Portland. Silly me. It was great. I need to go there more often.


Well, when in Seattle explore I always say (well not ALWAYS) and I remembered I had not been to Urban Family Brewing in Magnolia yet. I sought to rectify that omission in my Seattle beer education.


So I did. They brew a lot of beers with wild yeasts aged in barrels. I tried the Citron Noir (pictured above). It was pretty darn good. Different. In a good way. And dang – I missed my didgeridoo lesson.

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