Washington Wild Brewshed Alliance Parties at Hale’s Ales

Brewshed-Logo_bronze2 (1)I attended a beer festival on Thursday at Hales’ Ales as part of a Meetup event under the umbrella of the Puget Sound Beer Meetup Group. The festival was a fund raiser/awareness raiser by Washington Wild, a water conservation group active throughout the state.

 A Brewshed® is the link between clean healthy
watersheds and superior local beers, because clean water makes better beer.  A watershed is a Brewshed®


Twenty-one brewers brought more than 40 beers to taste, many unique creations just for this festival. It was great to see Bounday Bay, Asland and Wander trek on down from Bellingham, and Odd Ottter and Pacific Brewing & Malt trek up from Tacoma on a weeknight to support this cause. Bainbridge Brewing Company was there showing off the new logo. Fremont and Black Raven had very nice beers. Airways brought two medal winners.


Washington Wild works to permanently protect Washington’s wild river systems and the lands they flow through, many of which supply drinking water to Washington communities and provide the water to create our delicious local beers.

The Brewshed® movement is a great reason for conservation-minded craft beer-lovers to gather in honor of healthy watersheds and local microbrews, all while supporting local breweries! Here are the events planned for the rest of 2015.

2015 Event Calendar: 

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