Pike, Reuben’s, Icicle and Ghostfish Medal at US Open

Oxford, OH (July 4, 2015) – Breweries from China to the Czech Republic sent in almost 4,000 beers and ciders representing 90 different styles for the 2015 U.S. Open Beer Championship. This competition includes professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers. Today, judges from England, Canada and the U.S. announced the winners.

11216843_1019326844746048_3003804778462469772_nMore than 20 international breweries from Australia, China, Czech Republic, Venezuela, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Mexico,  Sweden, Finland, Scotland and England competed.

Ballast Point Brewing in San Diego, California  was named Grand National Champion by winning  three gold medals and one silver medal.  Their three beers that were awarded gold medals were Ballast Point Pale Ale, Calico Amber Ale and Sculpin IPA.

“It’s amazing what brewers will do to enter the U.S. Open. In the past, brewers have personally delivered their craft beers from Columbia and Brazil. This year, Joshua Deitner from Shanghai Brewery in China traveled 7,263 miles to deliver his beers personally,” said Dow Scoggins, Director of the U.S. Open. He added that the effort paid off: Shanghai Brewery’s Imperial American Brown Ale was awarded a silver medal.

PIKE_OLD_BAWDY          Dark Peresuasion

Washington brewers who took home medals

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 Reuben’s Brews Classic Dry Irish Stout BRONZE
 Reuben’s Brews Black Imperial IPA SILVER
 The Pike Brewing Pike 2010 Old Bawdy GOLD
 The Pike Brewing Co Pike Local Alba BRONZE
 Ghostfish Brewing Vanishing Point Pale Ale BRONZE
 Icicle Brewing Dark Persuasion GOLD

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