Using Spent Grains To Make Great Dog Treats (and people treats!)

Commercial brewers use a lot of grain to make beer. What does not go into the mash is disposed of in a variety of ways,brewmastersbakery sometimes sold, but mostly donated to local farmers and other kinds of entrepreneurs.

Marley Rall, owner and founder of The Brewmaster’s Bakery (Renton, WA) is using spent grains to make not only great dog treats, but breads, granola, cookies and biscotti. These all pair well with a variety of craft beers. Some have chocolate  and raisins ideal for eating while drinking porters and stouts. She has one called Your Spicy Mistress that goes well with an IPA.

Marley started this venture by using spent grains from her husband and brother-in-law’s homebrew to make dog treats. This worked out so well she decided to take the leap and contact local brewers to see what they were doing with their spent grains. She received a very positive reaction and is using grains from Fremont Brewing, Counterbalance Brewing, Airways Brewing, PostDoc Brewing, Hi-Fi Brewing and several others, including gluten free product from Ghostfish Brewing.

dogtreatsIn exchange for the grains she put a sticker with the brewers logo on each package as a cross promotion. Brewers will begin carrying her products (especially the snacks and pretzels) in their taprooms, as will bottle shops throughout the area. Marley has been sighted at the Renton Friday Farmers Market at The Landing and Saturdays at the Bellevue Farmer’s Market.

But you don’t have to hunt far to find these great treats. You can order them directly from The Brewmaster’s Bakery website at

Bob Shoemaker

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