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That said, here is a summary of some of the festivals and breweries I have been out to lately (click image for larger view):

According to a listing published by the Washington Beer blog for current Washington breweries, I have visited 85% of the breweries in Seattle, 65% of the ones on the Western half of the state, and 42% of all the licensed breweries in the entire state. Can you beat that?

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Bavaria Brewing Company

– Sammamish, WA

Don Oehlecker – Owner/Brewer

Bavaria Brewing Company, LLC

819 212th Ave NE – Sammamish, Wa  98074 – 206-304-4902

Don is proof that you can make great German styled beer on a one barrel system (3 bbl fermenters) right out of your home. He sells growlers and pints from his home-based taproom, and has a few beers on taps on the East Side. Look for him at the Naked City Nano Brewery Night, May 13. Go to his taproom. See the webpage for current visiting hours. Every visit includes a tour.

Get a Crowler at Tin Dog Brewing

What is a crowler you ask. Well here’s the deal. Some breweries are just too small to have a canning line and not everyone wants to buy or bring in a growler. Since pockets are not a very convenient way to take beer home with you, there now is a can/growler vessel called a crowler. Tin Dog will create one for you right there with a hand rolled label and everything. The beer stays fresh for a long time before you pop the top.


odinmoveOdin Brewing on the Move

Odin Brewing finally shut down the South Park Brewery facility and consolidated all their equipment in the taproom in Tukwila on Baker Blvd just east of the Westfield/Southcenter Mall. The taproom has been open for quite some time now serving all the Odin brews along with decent food. This move took quite a bit of planning. They had to brew enough beer to last until their system can be hooked up, tested and calibrated. They will be back to production schedule in about a month?


soundopenhouseWashington Brewers Open House 2016 at Sound Brewing

I enjoyed a day out on the Kitsap peninsula on Open House day. Sound Brewing hosted a WABL event there. I needed to redeem my WABL passport and opted for the new growler rather than the muffler (although I wanted that too). I got to take a tour of the brewhouse they built across the street. The “old place” continues to serve as the tasting room.

Massive, shiny kettles, mash tuns, brite tanks and fermenters fill up what last was the old Poulsbo RV service center. I was especially excited to see the mash filter press and the new centrifuge. Talk about a brewery on the cutting edge and headed for much bigger and better things. Then I headed over to the tasting room and had a taster of pretty much everything. Mark Hood was kind enough to hook up the Ursus Americanus for me so I could fill up my new WABL growler.

Then it was off to Valholl and Slippery Pig for more great open house revelry.

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