Washington Beer Festival 2016

Every year I write that this year’s festival is bigger and better than ever. Ya, well it’s true again this year.

fs-11-WBFLogo-01-01The PDF file for the beers to be served at the festival is 40 pages long – some 500+ beers, I hear (didn’t count ’em). I had exhausted my list of “must try” beers pursuant to the number of tokens and extra tokens for tasters of beers that I could possibly consume before I even got through the P’s. By “must try” in my definition, I mean a beer from a new brewery I have never been to with a beer that I have never tried before.

This year, in addition to the massive array of IPAs, are an incredible number of sours and goses, more Scottish styled ales than I have ever seen at a festival before, and more stouts when traditional punditry says these should all have disappeared from the beer landscape in the Spring. Glad to see that more brewers and craft beer lovers share my opinion that a good stout is good all year along. Sure, a light, crisp blonde, lager, or kolsch is a nice hot weather beer, but the suns does go down and stouts are a perfect way to end a glorious day.

This festival is a disaster for those of us with FOMO. It killed me to strike out all of the Friday-only and Sunday-only offerings. I am missing  out on soooo many good beers (crying). And it was so hard to stick to my “must have” criteria, with so many of my favorite “old” breweries bringing some of their absolutely wonderful brews.

So I will let you decide for yourself. Here is the beer list. Go for it.


Bob Shoemaker

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