Figurehead Opens Near Fishermen’s Terminal

figurehead_logoFigurehead Brewing, located in the North Queen Anne/Interbay area of Seattle, will have its grand opening on September 2 at 3pm. It is located in the heart of Seattle’s brewery district. Neighboring breweries include Rooftop, Holy Mountain, and Urban Family. It’s also just a short jaunt to Reubens, Lucky Envelope, Stoup, Peddler, Populuxe, Bad Jimmy’s, Hales Ales and Maritime Pacific.

What sets all these breweries apart is the variety of styles and space that each has established. Figurehead is following in that mold, creating a distinctive space and alternative styles of beer.

“Our beers are focused on showcasing all the ingredients that go into beer, especially malt and yeast which sometimes get overshadowed by aggressive hopping.  Don’t get us wrong, we love hops and we always have a couple IPAs on tap, but we also have lots of English and Belgian inspired ales.  All of our beers are well balanced and highly drinkable because we want to be your neighborhood brewery and we want to see you on a regular basis.”

Figurehead Brewing Company was founded in 2016 by Bob Monroe, Jesse Duncan, and Jesse Warner. Bob and Jesse Duncan have both been homebrewers for more than a decade. They first met 7 years ago when they became neighbors and quickly learned they shared a similar passion for brewing beer and sharing it with friends. Casual discussions over homebrews about starting a brewery gradually grew more and more serious, and Figurehead Brewing was born. Bob met Jesse Warner during a leadership class in grad school and quickly became friends during trust falls and class retreats. They finally made use of those trust falls by joining up to start Figurehead Brewing.

“At Figurehead Brewing Company we have a passion for brewing great beer and a love for sharing our beer with others.  Our goal is to create a welcoming, non-pretentious place where our neighbors can learn about and enjoy simple, honest, straightforward, quality beer.”

figurehead2What is also interesting about this new brewery is that it included a 21-day Kickstarter project with a $13,000 initial goal. Funding from this Kickstarter campaign is to be used towards completing and furnishing the 30-seat taproom and bar. They quickly found supporters and beat both the stretch goal ($16K) and stretchier goal  ($20K), raising nearly $21,000. They brew in a 7 bbl (217 gallon) brewhouse with three 7 bbl conical uni-tank fermenters. A uni-tank fermenter means the beer ferments, conditions, and carbonates all in the same tank.

Too many breweries in this location you might think? Think again. Hilliard’s Brewing recently sold their business to Odin Brewing, now based in Tukwila, WA. Odin moved the key pieces of equipment it needed and owns the intellectual property and branding for all Hilliard’s beers. They just sold the building and remaining equipment to Lagunitas Brewing out of California, who by recent accounts is planning on starting a barrel aging program and small batch experimental brews at the site (read that as unique to Seattle).

I say its not too many breweries as long as the number of craft beer consumers continues to grow. And this particular area seems to be a craft beer magnate for people who love good beer.

Bob Shoemaker

Grew up in Renton, WA. Writer. Photographer. Homebrewer. Woodworker. Beer lover. UW grad. - 14 years in Marketing and Advertising communications - 16 years in technical product support, quality, loyalty, support analyst - 12 years as communications business owner