Watts Brewing Tap Take Over 9/3

WattslogoblkThe Hop and Hound will be featuring a tap takeover of yet another new brewery – Watts Brewing, up in Bothell on September 3. Owner Evan Watts, a dedicated homebrewer, is keeping the “home” in homebrewing with a local distribution/no tasting room model.

I had a nice chat with Evan over email:

So what is the plan for Watts? 

We’re new to commercial brewing so we have a few lessons to learn.  Our plan is to get our feet wet on the nano scale and learn our lessons here while the risks are small, taking care to nail each step before growing into the next.

Where will you distribute the beer?

We plan to begin distribution in the Bothell/Northshore area.  We are a tiny brewery at the moment, so it won’t take many accounts to soak up all our production!

WattsblkHow many styles will you have on a regular basis?

We are starting with three beers, though once are confident these three are top notch we will expand that.  We believe in distributing refined beers before adding new recipes to the portfolio.

How many barrels are you producing?

1bbl brewhouse, 100bbl/year maximum output in the current configuration.

It this a part time venture out of your home? 

Yes, we are currently keeping our day jobs and brewing part time.  The brewery is located on Watts family property outside of Bothell in a space that used to house my dad’s house painting and beekeeping businesses.

Do you plan on getting a retail space in the near future?

No, not in the near future.  We will operate in the current location for a year or two as we get our feet under us before looking to the next phase, including a tasting room and larger production facility.

Bob Shoemaker

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