Portland’s Holiday Ale Festival 2016

It’s that time of year. Winter beer frenzy in Portland and Seattle. On the same weekend. Arghhhh.

screenshot_2016-11-30-19-56-05-1But not to worry. Portland has this one licked. Five days. One admission. Come and go from 11am to 10pm. So HTBN takes AMTRAK down for the Wednesday opening. After a short 6ish block walk from Union Station to Pioneer Courthouse Square you come to a huge covered tent with eager ticket takers ready to usher you into winter warmer heaven.

dsc_0025-1We start off with a brew called Zero Visibility from Stormbreaker Brewing. For those unfamiliar with this purveyor of fine brews, they are east of downtown near Ecliptic Brewing. This beer turned out to be the day’s favorite. Nice way to start out.

We move on to Bock the Halls (Plank Town), Ginger Cookie Imperial Porter (Deschutes), Rennervate Imperial Stout (Double Mountain), Snow’s Ghost – a Golden Stout (Loowit), Imperial Bloops – a 9% blueberry wheat ale (Ordnance), and Communion – an Imperial red ale made with açaí berries and a touch of hibiscus (Nation Brewery).

csc_0058-1I came upon another treat with Kind of a Fig Deal (Mazama). This rose to my #2 favorite of the day.

Now it was time for a break from all these 9% ABV and up brews and get some food. What better sustenance is there than the brisket at Hair of the Dog? Accompanied by a healthy dose of Adam and smaller sample of Lila.

Thank goodness for Lyft. Never longer than a four minute wait. Did a bit more brewery touring and headed back to the hotel.


Up, and ready for Day 2.

Words and photos copyrighted 2016 by Hoppy Trails Beer News.