Finding a Dog-Friendly Brewery

Bruce iconic poseI drive around a lot with my faithful brew dog Bruce Springersteen. When I leave him home, he is very sad. If I grab my keys, he grabs his collar. With summer coming, temperatures inside a car can reach dangerous levels so I try to find craft breweries that let me take him inside with me. He’s happier. I’m happier. The craft beer community is happier.


I write a beer blog that does not stop when Spring and Summer come. When I go out to visit a new nano, or a new release at a favorite brewery taproom, I look for ones that allow dogs. Some people do the same with kids. The old idea was that parking in the shade, cracking windows and leaving a dish of water on the floorboard was thought to be an adequate solution. It isn’t.

No new beer or great story lead  is worth risking my dog’s life by leaving him in a car that might get hot while I am away. I will keep a list on my site dog-friendly breweries and pubs so you can have an accurate picture of where they AND your dog can enjoy a nice summer day out.

Featured Brewery: Hale’s Ales Brewery & Pub

“There is a large lobby with couches and coffee tables in between the brewery and the pub where people may enjoy a pint of two with their dogs;  the outdoor patio on the side of the brewery is also open to our furry friends.”


Bob Shoemaker

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