Merry Christmas from Hoppy Trails Beer News

It is said that this is the most wonderful time of the year. It certainly is for craft beer. Winter warmers. Barleywines. Barrel-aged wonders. Egg nog adaptations. Spiced, spruced and fir’d phantasms to phloat your phlotsom.

At HTBN, it is a time to keep family ever so much closer and remember the reason for the season and the hope it offers for a better humanity. We wish you well as this year closes out and a new year begins. Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with beer.

We have often showcased beers and breweries with a holiday bent over the years. We have done the Advent calendar of beers from around the world and those closer to home. This year we are celebrating the 12 Breweries of Christmas. These locales were chosen not because they are the best or most popular places in the Puget Sound region. In fact, to the contrary, some of these places are relatively unknown. They are all good and worth a trip during this holiday season. We will go there, and report on what we liked. Maybe that will encourage you to try them too. The fun begins on December 14.

As more places open, destination brewtours are becoming the new thing. We will highlight one brewery and let you know a bit about other nearby choices if you care to visit more than one. Try a sampler tray. Bring growlers. There will more than one or two that will intrigue you at each place. Use a designated driver, Uber, Lyft, the bus or light rail, a bicycle, your feet or whatever transportation choices you have available. Enjoy the season, but make sure you are around to do it all again next year.

Breweries will include, but are not limited to, and in no particular order, yet; Counterbalance, Holy Mountain, Triplehorn, Four Generals, Pike, Redhook Brewlab, Flying Lion, Mollusk, Reubens, Geaux, Slaughter County, and No Boat. Stay tuned for details here and on the HTBN Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Bob Shoemaker

Grew up in Renton, WA. Writer. Photographer. Homebrewer. Woodworker. Beer lover. UW grad. - 14 years in Marketing and Advertising communications - 16 years in technical product support, quality, loyalty, support analyst - 12 years as communications business owner