Award Winners

logoOne measure of how great a beer is, or a brewery or a brewmaster is the recognition they are given within their industry through competitions. Some great breweries can’t be bothered with this and rarely submit anything to a judged competition. Breweries trying to get some name recognition flood as many competitions with as many styles as they can afford, hoping a few of them will net a medal, plaque or cup.

Whatever you may think about beer judging or competitions in general, it is something worth looking at. Frankly, in my experience, I rarely follow the masses in my preference for beer styles and often find many good beers that were “beaten” by beers I felt were not as good. That is, not as good tasting. The other beer may be truer to some arbitrary style. At that point it comes down to pleasure versus technique.

The drop down in this menu will take you to the results for various prestigious competitions. Enjoy.