World Beer Cup

The best beers in the world

(or at least the best beers that were entered into this competition)

WorldCupLogo“The quality and diversity of beers available around the world prove that brewing excellence knows no borders. Large and small brewing companies located outside of a style’s area of origin are crafting quality beers brewed to traditional styles. Belgian styles in Japan, altbiers in the USA, pale ales in Germany and bock beers in Brazil are just some of the interesting developments in the changing international marketplace. Traditional beer styles are not only celebrated in their native lands, but are now being shared, brewed and enjoyed worldwide. Consumers are discovering and enjoying a wider variety of both traditional and new beer styles, some brewed close to home and others brewed on the other side of the world. The number of new styles and style interpretations appears to be limited only by the creativity of the world’s brewing community.”


“As consumer choices expand, the availability of information becomes more important. With this in mind, the Brewers Association developed the World Beer Cup International Competition in 1996 to celebrate the art and science of brewing by recognizing outstanding achievement.”

Winners of the World Beer Cup Awards

The World Beer Cup is held in April in even numbered years. The last awards were announced in April 2014. Here are the winners!