Garrett Oliver, Speed Blogging and the Pub Crawl (aka March of Death)

The first afternoon of conference sessions at the Beer Bloggers Conference held in Indianapolis, IN,  featured a keynote address by Garrett Oliver, brewmaster for the Brooklyn Brewery, author and highly regarded industry spokesperson, urging us to focus our blogging on creating a written history of the human experiences that are central to the current craft beer revolution; to keep in mind what it is people want to know about – how does the beer taste, is it a fun experience, is there a story about people enjoying it that you can tell? – rather than critiques of style and endless blapping about ABV, IBU, original gravity and plato.


We also did some speed blogging – a fun experience once you learn what  to do.

Brewers go from table to table with a sample of ther product. The bloggers ask questions about the beer for a minute or two then write a quick post. It was fun to sample several very nice beers and chat with the brewers and reps – some of whom got very creative.

We flash sampled: Pogues Run PorterFlat 12 Bierwerks, Magnificent Amber  – Triton Brewing, Arctic Panzer WolfThree Floyds Brewing, ShiftNew Belgium Brewing, Ramagedon, an endgame stout from the local RAM restaurant, Hazed and Infuzed Boulder Beer Company, Wreck Alley Imperial Stout – Karl Strauss Brewing, and an American IPA from Schlafly Beer.


After the session was over, we headed out dinner at the Central Market, followed by an evening of “getting acquainted” at local bistros. This gave us a chance to see some of the downtown Indianapolis area.

Then we hoofed it about 1.5 miles to the Mass Ave Pub and tried a few of their brews..

Some folks continued on to The Rathskeller, and others walked back to the hotel or called cabs.Beer Bloggers are funny that way. I walked back – all 1.77 miles of it. I felt totally lost all the way back, looking for landmarks in this unfamiliar city – yet I never felt like I was taking any chances, in fact felt pretty safe – until I went down this side street and it was really dark and there was nobody else around. If there was danger lurking, it never presented itself.

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