Airways Brewing Opens “The Bistro”


Triple Chocolate Starliner Stout with a triple chocolate torte – my idea of a good meal!

Airways Brewing Company (signature beer – Sky Hag IPA) opened an additional location in Kent, WA on November 1. They have a good location just south of Kent Station with 12 taps. On opening day they had five of their beers and seven guest taps. They also serve some nice wines from Airfield Estates – but we are all about beer here.

This site will be open Tuesday through Saturday starting at 11:00 am. The original brew house and taproom will continue its Thursday through Saturday late afternoon, evening schedule.

It was great to see the new space, called The Bistro, located at 320 W Harrison St in Kent. They still have some cosmetic details to finish up (tv’s for watching sports, and Airways logo wall decor, etc). I was going to splash a bunch of pictures up here for you, but it would not be fair to tag them in a half finished state. The beer was finished though – that is the best part. They have food (appetizers, soups, salads, calzones, sandwiches and pizzas).

Tip! The pretzels and mustard are an excellent accompaniment!

Airways has always been generous in their samples and today was no exception. They had an Airways Rauchbier that was very nice; rich and smokey and about 29 IBU of malty goodness. On another visit I found a special offering of a triple chocolate version of their stout – and a wonderful torte to eat alongside. They often have these kinds of daily inspirations – get a Facebook Like to stay up on these kinds of treats.

The guest taps offered a lot of variety to the line up. They get pretty small kegs of these so they will not be there long, and will rotate fairly frequently. I was particular pleased to find Valholl’s Stouty, MT Head’s Brown Ale, Soos Creek’s Irish Red (yum), and brews from Chuckanut, Slippery Pig and Two Beers. I was told to expect some small batch taps from Alex as he continues to try out new recipes.

If you are nowhere near Kent – too bad for you – seriously though, you can probably find their beers at most festivals around the state. For more details about where to find their beer and what is going on with them –

Photography and content by Bob Shoemaker
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