Elk Head Brewery – tops in taps!


I had some great fun at Elk Head Brewery in Buckley, WA (It’s between Boney Lake and Enumclaw on Hwy 410). They had twelve different beers on tap, all made right there on the premises, ranging from a ginger infused pale to a jalepeno, poblano, habenero chili beer, with a brown, a Scottish style ale, a porter, a stout, three (count them – 3) varieties of IPA, and something with dandelions and other flavors at 9% ABV sandwiched in between.

Well I say “sandwiched,” but they do not have food yet. Just pretzels. Seems to be the trend. Trade Route, Two Beers and Black Raven also notably do not have pub food. Bring a snack or eat before. I had tastes of everything, and pints of the Gold (a malty light colored ale) and the porter. My friend Tom had the Kilted – and the brown.

They were all delicious!

Photography and content by Bob Shoemaker
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