Are They Open? Food, Dogs, Kids?

By Bob Shoemaker

signCraft breweries and brewpubs dot the Pacific Northwest landscape like zits on a 13-year-old. Trouble is, you are driving around and get the urge to go to one and when you get there, it isn’t open. “WTF!” you say. (Wait Til Friday?)

Understandably, some brewers are open only limited times during the week so they can spend the rest of the time brewing beer, marketing their products and running the business. Some like to be the ones pouring the beer and greeting the customers. Customers like that too. “I met the owner!”

We are attempting to compile an online guide to many of the fine brewery taprooms and pubs around the area, their day and hours you can visit, whether food is available and if Fido and Kiddo are allowed inside. It is sometimes a moving target.

Something like this:

Pike Brewing Company N Y ALL
Triplehorn Brewing Company Y Y ALL
Foggy Noggin Brewing Y Y x x x x x x S
Chainline Brewing Company Y Y S x x x x F S
Postdoc Brewing Company Y Y ALL

(updated listing coming soon)