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I received a tip that Schooner Exact Brewing was featuring a special wet hop event this week so I trundled down to the SODO area to see what was up. IBU’s as it turned out. I tried the two different years of the wet hopped IPA and thought the newer one was a little more in your face. I am not a hop head, but have had enough of the style to say they would delight most of my hop-loving friends.

I have seen Schooner EXACT at many beer festivals but somehow never made a connection with them. In fact I thought their sign said Schooner Extract, and since I make a darn fine extract beer myself, walked on by to use my valuable token elsewhere. Either that or they were featuring IPAs, and I already hit my festival quota for those (1).

The brewery is owned by Matt & Heather McClung, former school teachers and homebrewers who turned pro back in 2006. Heather also is the President of the Washington Brewers Guild (WABL) for two years running.(’09, ’10).

In addition to the two wet hopped IPAs, they served up a nice sampler of:

3-Grid India Pale Ale

True to style and coming in at a moderate 62 IBU, this IPA blends Chinook, Cascase, Columbus and Amarillo hops from Yakima Valley, “balanced with a hint of malt.”

Regrade Pale Ale

A pleasant brew at 40 IBU with a nutty taste.

King Street Brown Ale

A fairly traditional brown ale. I’ll admit I am debauched to the style by my penchant for honey nut browns. This is more on the Moose Drool side of brown. But with an IBU of 33 and ABV of 5.5%, it would be worthy of a pint, or even a growler.

Gallant Maiden Hefeweizen

Nice light colored brew with an unfiltered haze. Strong finish of clove. Almost too much for what I think is the proper style (at least compared to Pyramid and Widmer, perrenial champs at GABF). I love those wheat beers. IBU at 12 and 5.2% ABV.

Gateway Golden Ale

This is their Bud style for the non-adventurous, kicked up a couple notches. It is a 5.5% ABV, 28 IBU brew that should not offend anyone, and still bring the novice alers into the genre at a slower pace.

Profanity Hill Porter

A very nice porter, though I thought it a bit on the bitter chocolate side. I did not get the stats on this one. I would not say it is my favorite porter of all time, but it was a nice addition to the sample tray.

They are a bit hard to find. When you get to the the north end of the 1st Ave S bridge where it crosses the railroad yard, look west. There they are. About a mile south of Safeco Field. Tasting hours are limited and there is no food (peanuts and chips). Eat before you go or bring a snack.

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