Two Beers’ New Tasting Room

It has been a fast and furious journey from a 170 square foot space in Fremont just four short years ago to a snazzy SoDo area warehouse replete with a fancy new tasting room. Two Beers Brewing doubled its current space to 4,800 sq. ft. The new space features room for 18 additional 1,000-gallon tanks.

Homebrewer Joel VandenBrink and his team have really built a following. His beers have become local standards in style and innovation. A variety of innovatively infused beers are a regular staple among Two Beers 12-tap selections.

I remember kidding them at a Winterfest one year, that Two Beers actually had three beers. Now it seems they are only limited by Time and Imagination as to how many, and what kinds of beer you will find at the new tasting room at 4700 Ohio Avenue S in SoDo.

It was hard to tell what the tasting room is going to be like during normal hours (presently set at Wed, Th, Fr from 3-8pm and Sat from 12-4 – although I heard a little bird chirping about Tuesdays being added, too – watch their excellent web site for current information). The good news is it is still dog-friendly. That will certainly make Willis happy. If you don’t know Willis yet  – stop by and meet him.

No way around it. IT WAS PACKED, with an expected 1,000+ well-wishers spilling into the expanded brewery and production areas. Here are just a few of the folks who stopped by to say “hi”.

The Beers

Two Beers Brewing produces five year-round beers (Evolutionary IPA, 20:20 Blonde Ale, Immersion Amber, Persnickety Pale, SoDo Brown) and seven seasonal beers (Crooked Belgian Wit, Fresh Hop, Jive Espresso Stout, Panorama Wheat, Pumpkin Spice Ale, Trailhead ISA). Small batch infusions – such as Jalapeno-infused Evo. IPA and Lime Ginger-infused Panorama Wheat – are also produced in limited quantities.

The Crooked Belgian Wit, Panorama Wheat, SoDo Brown and the Jive Espresso Stout are my favorites, although they served a 20:20 Blonde infused with rose petals, elderberry, and lavender at Winterfest that changed my mind about infused beers. I now like them, too.

Two Beers also is noted for being the first craft brewery in the state to offer its beer in 12-ounce cans. Much to my surprise, it actually tastes pretty darn good.

Photography and content by Bob Shoemaker
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