Beer Bloggers Conferences

Blogging about beer is a very special niche. You ever know what to expect on them. Some are heavy into text and opinion about everything related to craft beer from starting up a brewery to all the legal and political issues that are dominating the blogosphere these days.

Beer Bloggers Conference 2012 – Chicago, Indianapolis

Beer Bloggers Conference 2013 – Portland, ME, Boston, MA

Some use lots of photos. Some specialize in videos and podcasts. Some have lots of beer reviews. Some feature beer news, new beers being released, movement of brewmasters from one brewery to another. Some tell stories.

Whatever the focus, they are usually always interesting. Once a year, about 150 of us from all over the United States get together and swap stories and experience new brews. Click on the menu items above or follow the links below to catch up on what beer bloggers are up to these days.