What is a Randall?

What is a Randall (aka Randall the Enamel Animal) and why do brewers use one?

Randall is an organoleptic hop transducer module, a double-chamber filter that you connect to a tap of your favorite beer and fill with flavor-enhancing ingredients. It’s invention credited to Dogfish Head out of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.


“I’m really excited to announce Randall 3.0. This is the new double barrel, foam-reducing model. Randall the Enamel Animal is the original gangster organoleptic hop transducing module. Basically, it’s a sophisticated filter system that allows the user to run draft beer through a chamber of whole leaf hops, spices, herbs, fruit, etc. so that the alcohol in the beer strips the flavor from whatever you add and puts it in the beer.”Sam Calagione, Dogfish Head founder

They first developed Randall back around 2002 to beat their West Coast brethren in a hop-centric beer showdown called The Lupulin Slam. Fellow beer geeks and brewers asked Dogfish to build Randalls for them — so they did.

Dogfish Head’s main engineering guru, Greg, spearheaded the 2010 Randall re-design. Greg’s main mission was to reduce foaming during filter use. He rose to the challenge! Greg’s Randall 3.0 design features several elements to address excessive foaming and to be more user friendly.

  • Beer enters the infusing chamber from the bottom, maximizing beer-hop contact and forcing foamy beer to exit at the top.
  • Automatic chamber vents eliminate vapor-locking and maximize beer-hops contact.
  • “De-foaming” chamber provides both space and time for foamy beer to settle.
  • Adjustable faucet balances between different beer types or short-draw/long-draw draft systems.
  • Ice chamber keeps beer cold between pours.
  • Draft dispensing components eliminate those unexpected beer showers.

Now you know.