Gordon Biersch Brewing


Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch started up their first GB brewery in 1997, in a state-of-the-art brewery and bottling facility in San Jose, CA and has now opened location all over the United States. Since 1998, Gordon Biersch Brewing Company has more than doubled its production, increasing its capacity to 3.1 million gallons of beer annually, making Gordon Biersch Brewing Company the largest brewery in the San Francisco Bay Area. This allows them control over the quality of the national distribution of their beers and consolidate their bottling line.


However, they do allow satellite brewing facilities like the one in Seattle create their own beers on-premises. Seattle GB brewer Kevin Christopher Davey recently won a Gold medal at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival for his Golden Export.


I recommend the Marzen. It is a beer you do not see very often. Gordon Biersch Märzen accentuates the flavors of the dark roasted imported malted barley and exhibits a caramel malt aftertaste, while downplaying the hop level. The hop lovers at Beer Advocate rates it an 82. The Bros give it a 95. The Schwarzbier also comes highly recommended.