Tacoma Craft Beer Festival

Tacoma hosted the 3rd annual Tacoma Craft Beer Festival on Saturday, September 3. Forty area brewers donated their beer for the festival. All proceeds went to the Boys & Girls Clubs of South Puget Sound.

Generally in this kind of situation the key folks from the brewery do not attend and the stations are manned by volunteers. This proved to be the case for many of the attending breweries. A few local brew pubs had booths as well to coax festival goers to stop by their eateries for a post-function meal.

This meant there would be few conversations with local brewers about the beer being served. I did have a few friendly conversations with volunteers who were also home brewers.

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Participants were many of the old standbys. The expected compliment of Tacoma based breweries; Harmon, Wingman, Engine House No. 9 and peninsula breweries; Silver City, 7 Seas, and Sound served up delightful brews that they have served at previous summer festivals. There were a few nice surprises like Fish Brewing out of Olympia, Kona (HI), Great Divide and New Belgium (CO), Widmer and Deschutes (OR), Firestone-Walker (CA).

As you can see by the pictures, it was a glorious day and fairly well attended. My only complaint was that it turned out to be a difficult place to find. The GPS just did not quite cut it and there were no directional signs that we could see put up by event organizers to help guide you through the hard-to-discover twists and turns down to Dock Street.

Photography by Bob Shoemaker and Kelly Shoemaker.
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