Gig Harbor BF 2013 – YES!

There are many things to like about the Gig Harbor Beer Festival. It attracts the best brewers in the West Sound. It is two-for-two for perfect weather. And the people who come to it are AWESOME.


I used to judge how great a festival was by the number of good beers there were to try. Pretty much anymore, though, great beer is a given. Even styles I do not like very much are represented by dead-on good examples of the style. But the people make this one so much fun. I don’t think I ever have seen as many eclectic people at a craft beer festival as those who come out for this festival. It is a fashion war that screams clever, creative and fun. Kind of like the beers being served.

GHBF13brew02   GHBF13brew03        GHBF13brew04

It was a perfect day for a beer festival. Wits, kolsh, dubbels, CDAs, IPAs, porters, stouts abounded. Funny named beers added smiles as well as great taste; Rude Parrot IPA, Flying Monkey Dogfight Pale Ale, Freeride APA, Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale, Spring Reign, Magna Vapor, Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager, and Ballz Deep Double IPA.

GHBF13G02     GHBF13G07         GHBF13G10

My favorite on the day was the Maibock from Georgetown Brewing – a surprise in that it was not listed on the program and it was really, really good. Georgetown needs a pat on the back for this one. Too often they show up with Manny’s and Lucille, over, and over again. Kind of like Mac & Jack’s predictable offerings of African Amber and Serengeti Wheat. Had those. Can get them anywhere. Bring me something new. GHBF13Gr07      GHBF13Gr11          GHBF13G09GHBF13G06

Next is the Caboose Oatmeal Stout from American Brewing. Thank you Skip. This beer is pretty much as close to a perfect stout as there is. I also enjoyed:

  • Irish Red – Big Al Brewing
  • Verdopplem Kolsh – Duo Brewing
  • Dubbel Entendre – Sound Brewery
  • Rainy Rye IPA – Rainy Daze Brewing
  • Coconut P-51 Porter – Wingman Brewers

GHBF13Gr10Crowd favorites seemed to be Dick’s Brewing – long lines there – with a Golden Ale and the Dick’s Imperial IPA. The Ridgetop Red from Silver City got a lot of “Wows” from folks passing by. My friend Tom agreed.

Rhubarb, the Tacoma Rainiers mascot, was on hand for photo opps. I have created a picture file with may many more photographs of this spectacular event. Maybe you will see your picture there, or one of your friends.


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