Gift Giving – Beer Presents

The HTBN blog includes a store where you can buy gifts that I personally have, or recommend to others.Here are some additional gift ideas to suggest/consider:

The Gift of Beer

What a better way to say “I Love You” than with the gift of beer? Okay, probably lots of other ways, but to be true to the spirit of overbearing commercialism, just play along, okay.

You can opt for convenience and grab something off the shelf at the grocery store, or step it up a notch and get a recommendation from a local craft beer bottle shop.

Or, order something out of the ordinary online from one of the growing number of online merchants selling out-of-state beers delivered to your door step. Let’s Pour an Beer Jobber are a couple of places like that.

Beer Magazines and Books

There are several great beer publications out there for every level of beer geekiness. Books for the homebrewer of all levels of sophistication, books for the beer historian, or the beer generalist. I have many suggestions in the HTBN Store.

Beer Themed Shirts (Hawaiian, T-shirts, Polos)

Funny, campy, gross, clever, bold, whatever your preference in beer-themed shirts to wear to work, out to dinner, festivals, or just lying around the house, a beer shirt is always a pleasure to receive (or give).


Beer does taste better (or at least different) when served in the right kind of glass; tall glasses for pilsners and other lagers, wide bowl-shaped goblets for porters, stouts, winter warmers and barley wines; fluted glasses for saisons and fruit infused beers.

Brewery Road Trips

My family is known to give coupons for things like dinner and a movie, or pledging to do chores around the house for a period of time that the receiver usually does and hates doing. An all-expenses paid road trip to 3-5 local craft breweries in your area some Saturday (either to favorite haunts or new places not yet discovered) is a great gift your beer geek would love with you as designated driver. Buy him/her a logo glass at one of the places to save the memory of the day’s outing. Flowers are optional. Or a pub crawl if you live in an area where microbreweries are scarce.

I hope these ideas get your polyphenols a-phluttering.