What is HTBN?

Hi, and welcome to Hoppy Trails Beer News™ (aka Hoppy Trails™ or just HTBN™). This is a site dedicated to one man’s travels to find the ultimate beers. I have been a home brewer and beer festival aficionado for many years and have an ungodly collection of beer t-shirts, pint glasses and other beer related collectibles cluttering up my house.

I have a dream to have a job that pays me to go places and drink beer. I will make this a valuable site for you. I will be passing along information I glean from other sites, magazines, podcasts and books – as well as document my travels to festivals and friendly neighborhood brewhouses. There will be lots of original interviews and pictures too.


“I have a dream to have a job that pays me to go places and drink beer.”


Hopefully I will write interesting things that keep you coming back for more. My tastes in beer run in the brown, red, scotch style ale realm, with a hefe and wit alter ego. I have been known to choke down the occasional IPA for the sake of research, but my preferred IBU limit is something less than 40. I occasionally wander around in the land of Kolsh, Doubles and Triples. I confess I do not have a palate for barleywine or sours. I will enlist the assistance of friends who appreciate those more than I do, to offer their observations from time to time.

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