Disclosures and Disclaimers

Since Hoppy Trails Beer News is a registered business (LLC), you should know what, if anything, you might be at risk for by participating in the web site or buying merchandise on it.

Stories and Reviews – Disclosures

I am not a famous blogger so I don’t get much in the way of freebies. If I review a beer or a brewery, I generally paid for what I drank out of my own pocket. If I get a free one, I say so in the story or review. If someday people actually want to pay me to promote their beer or brewery or brewpub (hopefully soon), it will contain obvious identifiers of “Sponsor” or “Advertiser”.


I pay extra every year for site security to help reduce the threat of hacking and poaching your IP information and make it safe to browse my blog.

If You Buy Merchandise – Affiliate Programs

I use affiliate programs for items I advertise for sale here. That means I sign up with various suppliers of merchandise to post items in my store. When you click on them, it takes you to THEIR store with a little tag that indicates you came from my page. If you buy something, I get a small commission on the purchase. I do not send you the stuff, and if you are not happy with what you got, they are the ones who resolve your issues.

Your Personal Information

PII, Personally Identifiable Information, is totally secure on my site. If you sign up for a newsletter, or RRS feed, that information is not used for anything else.

If your image or likeness appears on one of my posts or pages, it is generally because you were at a public event where I was a photographer. Under these circumstances, my rights to use your likeness are unlimited and I may use them to promote Hoppy Trails Beer News or authorize the use of copyrighted pictures and text to 3rd parties related to promotion of their event in the future.

In the event that I develop the website to accept credit card information, physical address or phone number, or other data considered PII, specific disclosure will be made at that time – probably the standard agreement you see on every other web site with commercial transactions. I will never sell your information to anyone else. Ever.

This probably does not have all the legal “i’s” and “t’s” dotted and crossed, but in good faith, I value your privacy as much as I value my own, And that says a lot.