Road Trips – Craft Beer Touring

roadtripsWhen I travel to a new city one of the first things I do is seek out the locations of local craft breweries. You can count on getting a refreshing beverage, and good food. Oftentimes you get much more; like exposure to the local culture and people who make the city a place to come back to.

This page is intended to guide you to the better establishments, or local services, whether you are planning an extended vacation, a full day trip, an overnight trip, or just want a fun evening out.

Brewery Tours and Pub Crawls – USA

Here are companies that offer guided pub crawls or organized brewery tours in the United States. HTBN receives no compensation for these listings. It’s just something we do.


Brewery Tours and Pub Crawls – Europe

When traveling in Europe, do not miss out on the vast assortment of breweries and brewing styles that you can find – from small local pubs to the more famous macrobreweries. Here is a starter list of tours that you may find of interest:


Craft Brewery Touring in Washington

The state of Washington is considered by many to be the birthplace of the craft beer revolution. Other areas claim to be “the first” or “where it all started” but for the most part, they are isolated efforts that generated only a local following.


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