Where Are the Dog-Friendly Breweries?

Hotdogs are Great. Hot Dogs Are Not.

toohotinfographicI drive around a lot with my faithful brew dog Bruce Springersteen. When I leave him home, he is very sad. If I grab my keys, he grabs his collar. With summer coming, temperatures inside a car can reach dangerous levels so I try to find craft breweries that let me take him inside with me. He’s happier. I’m happier. The craft beer community is happier.

Dog treats made with spent grains from local craft brewers.

I write a beer blog that does not stop when summer comes. When I go out to visit a new nano, or a new release at a favorite brewery taproom, I look for ones that allow dogs. Some people do the same with kids. The old idea was that parking in the shade, cracking windows and leaving a dish of water on the floorboard was thought to be an adequate solution. It isn’t.

No new beer or great story lead  is worth risking my dog’s life by leaving him in a car that might get hot while I am away. I will keep a list on my site dog-friendly breweries and pubs so you can have an accurate picture of where you AND your dog can enjoy a nice summer day out.

nodogsallowed“Can I bring my dog in here?”

The various health departments are not very consistent whether dogs are allowed in a brewery or brewpub. Sometimes it is okay if no food is served, or there is no kitchen, or the establishment has an outdoor patio area where you can sit with your dog. Sometimes, even a block or two away with the same set up, the inspector has advised the owners that no dogs are permitted anywhere at their place. Sometimes the owners just don’t like dogs and don’t want customers to bring them in. Fine with me. There are 50 other breweries within a 20 minute drive that love having you and your dog there. They will get my money, and my free publicity.

5bb70157956d05bf00871adab37f0188Car makers, or after market retailers need to invent an air conditioning system that runs when the car is turned off (solar power?). I also note that most cars do not have a thermometer inside the car so you can actually know how hot it is. There are options of course, 1) leave Bruce home, all by himself (sniff), 2) take him to a place that lets him sit with me, or, 3) everybody stays home.  Bruce prefers Option 2. Me too.

vermont-brewery dog beer

Here are some of Bruce’s favorite places to go and people watch while I nurse my sample tray or pint at one of Washington’s stellar breweries and brewpubs. Some breweries even have “yappy hours.” How cool is that?

Seattle Area Dog-friendly Breweries and Brewpubs/Taprooms

Here is a starter list for the Seattle neighborhoods that have a pro-dog policy. Also see Dog Gone Seattle for places that are primarily eateries that may also serve local craft beer.

  • Two Beers Brewing – SODO
  • Tin Dog Brewing – South Park
  • LOWERCASE Brewing – South Park
  • Schooner EXACT Brewing – SODO
  • Machine House Brewing – Georgetown
  • Big Al’s Brewing – South Park
  • Beveridge Place Pub – West Seattle
  • Fremont Brewing – Fremont
  • Hale’s Ales – Fremont/Ballard
  • Reuben’s Brews – Ballard
  • Lucky Envelope Brewing – Ballard
  • Populuxe Brewing – Ballard
  • Hilliard’s Brewing – Ballard
  • Urban Family Brewing – Magnolia
  • The Leary Traveler – Ballard (gastropub)
  • Hellbent Brewing – Lake City
  • more to come soon

Eastside Dog Friendly Breweries and Brewpubs

  • 192 Brewing – Kenmore
  • Foggy Noggin Brewing – Bothell
  • Triplehorn Brewing – Woodinville
  • Dirty Bucket Brewing – Woodinville
  • Blue Lightning Brewing – Woodinville
  • Twelve Bars Brewing – Woodinville
  • Brickyard Brewing – Woodinville
  • Flycaster Brewing – Totem Lake
  • Chainline Brewing – Kirkland
  • Postdoc Brewing – Redmond
  • Geaux Brewing – Bellevue

I also made a list of dog parks with neighboring breweries, since letting the dog have some time to run free in a wide open space is one of the nicer things you can do for your dog. Bruce rates these on a four ♥ system based on the park’s amenities (size, terrain, birds to chase, etc.) and the friendliness of other dogs there.

Marymoor Off-leash Dog Park (Redmond) ♥♥♥♥

“Doggy Disneyland”, as it is locally dubbed, Marymoor Park is best known for its 40 acres of off leash dog park. This is where dogs can be dogs. The Sammamish Slough provides a recreational swim opportunity too.


Nearby dog friendly brewspots

  • Postdoc Brewing – five paws – they “love” having your dog inside with you – and have water dishes if you forget yours.

NOTE: Black Raven Brewery sometimes has a patio set up outside. Dogs are not allowed inside even though they do not serve food.

Luther Burbank Off-leash area (Mercer Island) ♥♥♥

Luther Burbank Park is home to one of the few regional OLA’s that offer a water experience to its users. The Luther Burbank Park OLA is a 1.25 acre fully fenced sandy area at the north end of the park with three access points to Lake Washington.  Amenities include a separate grassy area for ‘small, shy and recuperating dogs’, and a doggie hose down area. Owners there are not very hands on and big dogs frequently steal toys from smaller dogs in the swimming area.


Nearby dog-friendly brewspots

No breweries on the Island yet. You will have to head to SODO, Georgetown, east to Issaquah or north to Bellevue to find a happy place for both beer and dogs.

Three Forks Off-leash Area (Snoqualmie) ♥♥♥♥

Description – Huge grassy play area. Lots of places to sniff. Great all year ’round. Watch out for elk poop, though. Dogs love to roll in that.

Click here for more information.

Nearby dog-friendly brewspots

  • Issaquah Brewpub – three paws – outside seating on the sidewalk is a popular place for dogs to sit with their owners and people watch.

NOTE: Although Snoqualmie Falls Brewing is close by, it has no place for you and your dog. You could stop there on mild, cloudy days and leave the dog in the car, I suppose. The Black Frog Stout is always on nitro and is a delight to watch cascade.

The Bark Park (Issaquah Highlands) ♥♥♥♥

Issaquah has two dog parks. The other dog park is at Beaver Lake Park. The address is listed as 2702 NE Magnolia Street, Issaquah. It is actually around the corner from that address, on the north side of NE Natalie Way at about 2300 Ave NE, under the power lines.

There’s ample on-street parking. The park is open from dawn until dusk. The entrance is about a 30 second walk from the street. It is just above the holding pond west of the off leash area where we saw a heron enjoying the pond on a warm June day.

The park is fully fenced. At the entrance gate are two gates that allow better control of dogs entering and leaving the park. The steep slope is covered with native grasses and rocks, providing an exercise area for the most active dogs. There are many birds that circle the area and will play “chase me” with Springer Spaniels.

Nearby dog-friendly brewspots

  • The RAM Restaurant and Brewery – lots of space and dog-friendly servers let you sit out on the patio in the shade with your dog.  The beers are brewed at the award-winning Northgate RAM. Four paws from Bruce for this place.
  • Issaquah Brewpub – three paws – outside seating on the sidewalk is a popular place for dogs to sit with their owners and people watch. A bit on the narrow side of things, but they do bring dogs a bowl of water. Nice touch.

Beaver Lake Park Off Leash Area (Sammamish)

244th Ave Se And Se 24th St, Sammamish, WA

Beaver Lake Park is quite large and if you go to the address listed for the park in general, you will get quite lost finding the dog park.

Instead, take SE 24th east toward the entrance of the park itself, but before you get to the general park entrance, turn south at 244th Avenue SE. You will quickly find yourself at a large baseball field complex.

Nearby dog-friendly brewspots

  • Issaquah Brewpub – three paws – outside seating on the sidewalk is a popular place for dogs to sit with their owners and people watch. Good food and great beer.
  • The RAM Restaurant and Brewery – has outdoor seating where you can sit with your dog. Good food and great beer.

Cedar River Dog Park (Renton) ♥♥

Description – The Cedar River Dog Park is located on a beautiful city-owned parcel adjacent to the Cedar River Trail, site of the historic Denny-Renton Clay Works. The main portion of the dog park is approximately 3.5 acres, while a separate shy/small dog area measures 65 by 120 feet. Both areas are fully fenced with rustic split rail fencing and wire mesh. The dog park is accessed through gates in an entry paddock.


Nearby dog-friendly brewspots

  • Whistle Stop Alehouse – small, un-shaded outdoor patio permits dogs
  • Dog & Pony Alehouse – Medium sized outdoor patio is well shaded by umbrellas
  • Airways Taproom – has patio seating for a few people at the brewery location (NOTE: The Airways Bistro near Kent Station does not allow dogs inside).

Marina Beach Park – Edmonds

498 Admiral Way – Click this link for Yelp reviews

Nearby dog-friendly brewspots

  • American Brewing Company – 
  • Salish Sea Brewing Company – do not allow dogs in the brewery unless they are ADA-certified, but have a great patio where you and your dog are welcome.

Magnuson Park Off-leash Area

7400 Sand Point Way NE
The Magnuson off-leash area contains 9 acres. It is a place where city hounds can romp with buddies in Seattle’s biggest fully-fenced back yard for canines. This off-leash area is the only one inside city limits with water access (Lake Washington’s freshwater shoreline).

Nearby dog-friendly brewspots

  • Big Time Brewing in the University District  (on the Ave)
  • The RAM in University Village has outdoor seating on nice days for you and your pup.
  • Hellbent Brewing in Lake City is a great place for dogs and their owners to relax in style.

Grandview Park – Kent

Military Road and S 229th Place

There is an upper level grassy field where you can enjoy stunning views of Mount Rainier (when the weather cooperates). Follow the road down to the lower level and an old soccer field provides a flat area where dogs can race around to their heart’s content (the light posts are not operational and will eventually be removed). Next to the hard surfacing are paths winding among more and more grass.

Nearby dog-friendly brewspots

  • Airways Taproom – has patio seating for a few people at the brewery location (NOTE: The Airways Bistro near Kent Station does not allow dogs inside).


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Brewery or Off-leash Park Website: http://Www.Facebook.com/ciderlog – Sarah

Comment: What about restaurants and pubs? My favs: Chuck’s Hop Shop in the Central District and Greenwood, Schilling Cider House and Norm’s in Fremont, Ballard Beer Company and The Dray in Ballard and Beer Authority in Lake City. Haven’t been to Hellbent Brewing yet.  I’m always looking for more.

Comments – Do you have a favorite dog-friendly brewery? Let us know and we will add it to this page.